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Sweet Treats – freshly made in-house daily

Sweet Treats…..

Our Sweet Treats are freshly made in-house


Chocolate Protein Ball          dates, mixture of nut, cacao, peanut butter (GF, V)     €1

Homemade Scones Fruit, Plain, Raspberry or Pear & almond served with jam & cream (G,D)

Croissant, Danish Pastry or Chocolate Twist (G,D)                                                                                  €2.95


Cakes €4.95


Carrot Cake (D,N,G)

Moist carrot cake with a thick layer of creamy frosting

Apple Pie (D,G)

Buttery pastry filled with apple, served warm with fresh cream


Warm Chocolate Brownie (GF, D, G, N)

Warm gooey chocolate brownie served with ice-cream & fresh cream

Triple Chocolate Fudge Cake (D,G)

Homemade Chocolate cake to die for…..any chocolate lovers dream, served warm with fresh cream

Toblerone Cake (D, N, G)

Cake with pieces of toblerone, served with fresh cream

Caramel and Peanuts Cake (D, N, G)

Almond cake with soft caramel and roasted peanuts

Apple & Cinnamon Tart (GF, D)

Stewed sliced apple & cinnamon on a shortcrust pastry, served warm with fresh cream

Lemon Tart (GF, D)

Lemon curd on a shortcrust pastry, served warm with fresh cream


 Slices         €2.95


Berry Crumble Slice (D,GF)

Crumb base, berry compote topped with buttery crumble…perfect with a cup of coffee


Mars Bar Squares (D,G)

Melted mars bars poured over rice crispies…..chewy, crispy, tasty!


Chocolate Crunchie Biscuit Cake (D,G)

Rich 70% chocolate & gourmet milk chocolate melted over digestives & crunchie bits…..delicious!

Lemon Drizzle Cake (D,G)

Moist lemon madeira, drizzled with sugary lemon and topped with a lemon frosting

Caramel Squares (D,G)

All butter shortbread, sticky caramel topped with real milk chocolate